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StartNet Europe

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For young people’s transition from education to work

The StartNet project is composed of two levels of action: StartNet Europe is setting up a European platform of regional networks on transition to work. The pilot-network StartNet Italy engages in the platform and implements projects on school-to-work transition in the Apulia and Basilikata regions. StartNet is funded until 2020 by the Stiftung Mercator, supported and coordinated by the Goethe-Institut in Brussels and Rome building on their previous experience in the fields of youth education and employment across Europe.

What is StartNet Europe?

StartNet Europe is connecting and supporting multi-stakeholder networks for young people’s transition to work across Europe. These networks gather partners from the education and business sector, civil society, state authorities, foundations, trade unions and youth organisations working together on projects such as job orientation, career guidance, training, apprenticeships, traineeships or entry-level jobs. Using the method of “collective impact” - getting different stakeholders to collaborate on a new level - they prevent youth unemployment through a better transition from education to work and empower young people for their future professional and personal development. 

StartNet Europe contributes to the European dialogue for regional initiatives to exchange their good practices, learning together and from each other how to overcome common challenges. They are supported in their development through expert inputs, seminars, field visits and exchanges on the most relevant topics for them, such as inclusion and outreach to vulnerable young people, multi-stakeholder cooperation, finances, monitoring, youth participation etc.