The Online Conference hosted by CESI Youth, OBESSU and StartNet was kicking off a conversation on the European Year of Skills from a youth perspective.Institutional inputs from the European Commission and OECD were setting the ground for a conversation on future skills, education and empowerment of young people.

Beatrice Sarto (European Commission, DG Employment) highlighted the opportunities for engaging in the Year of Skills. It should be an open conversation on skills, using existing tools and networks, while prioritising upskilling and reskilling for the green and digital transition. OECD’s Tia Luokkola presented their long-lasting work on skills forecasting and analysis of future trends such as automation, as well as their consequences for education.

From the practitioners' side Giuseppina Tucci (OBESSU) underlined the need for key competences, informal learning and recognition. Jan Wilker from StartNet stressed a collective human centred approach, focussing on a broader skill set, as well as a long-term lifelong learning approach that needs to start at early ages.The following discussion raised the need for civic competences and heavy burdens for educators. This event should be followed by others, continuing the partners’ engagement in the #EuropeanYearOfSkills.

In attachment, you find the presentations of the event and here the youtube recording.