The vast majority of participating teachers were satisfied with the Building Futures training course, which took place in Bari and the surrounding areas. At the end of the first course, which was held in Bari between November 2018 and February 2019, questionnaires were given out to assess the degree of interest, knowledge gained and usefulness according to the participants.

For almost 60% of the respondents, the proposed training program was a complete novelty: they had never participated in any curricular or extracurricular program like it. Career guidance didactics stood out as one of the topics considered most interesting, but other successful topics included the discussions with other teachers and meetings with entrepreneurs, as well as the subject of entrepreneurship in general.

More than half of the teachers say the course has changed their way of approaching career guidance in class with their students, based on the career guidance didactics, and will apply the information gathered during the course at school.

Here is the full report as well as the summary of the evaluation (Italian language).

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