StartNet meets the Production District Puglia Creativa, the network that gathers more than 150 cultural and creative businesses and institution in Apulia.

On Tuesday 27 April, StartNet met the members of the production district Puglia Creativa for a focus group to share knowledge and experiences and listened to the demands and needs of the cultural and creative industries in the world of the school-work transition.

Many common objectives emerged on starting a joint project, including: developing creative knowledge from a young age, consolidating and developing partnerships with companies for young people looking for work, updating regional training courses on the skills currently required by the cultural and creative labour market, focusing more on young boys and girls and making them experience first-hand professions related to the world of creativity.

It is no coincidence that creativity is above all understood as the capacity to adapt to change, resolve problems, explore different points of view and will be increasingly required by the labour market. In order to train these skills, it is necessary to prioritise experimentation and develop continuous learning processes.