Tackling educational poverty means, above all, strengthening the communities that surround children, starting with schools, families, associations, local and public institutions, parishes and businesses.

In the province of Lecce, Apulia, as part of the Or.Co. digitsys project (of which StartNet is a partner), the Centre for Educational Services (CSE), was set up. The hub brings together all the educational projects proposals offered in the region. An “operational” centre where organisations can converge to think and act together to improve the socio-cultural inclusion of girls and boys.

Located in a confiscated property building due to organised crime in Giorgilorio Surbo, the CSE began its work by launching a series of free webinars on four topics: 1) what is an educational community?; 2) educational projects; 3) new technologies in social work with minors; and 4) creating networks in the region. In the last meeting the results of a smart research report on local social networks were presented, which identified areas for improvement in the region in terms of educating communities.

The webinars were an opportunity to have in-depth discussions with experts on the relevant issues to work on in the region, directed specifically at teachers, parents, workers and representatives of local institutions.

The Or.Co. digitsys project was selected in 2019 and funded by the social entreprise Con I Bambini (With the Children) within the framework of the Fund for the fight against child educational poverty. StartNet was one of the first partners to join the partnership that links institutions and schools in Puglia and Basilicata.