On 21st October, Alessandro Caputi, Giulio Raganato and Luigi Carratta from StartNet Youth, together with Simona Ferrante and Perla Zanini from StartNet, took part in the Piacenza leg of the YOUZ Caravan, the youth forum from the Emilia Romagna region. YOUZ is a participatory discussion for young people under 35 with the aim of gathering their proposals for their participation in decision-making processes for future regional policies in Emilia Romagna.


During the day programme, which was dedicated to environmental protection, active participation of young people in society, European opportunities and combating the NEET phenomenon, StartNet presented its stakeholder network collaboration model. They co-organised a workshop with local authorities and youth service operators on youth engagement and participation strategies. The event was organised by the Emilia-Romagna region, in collaboration with the Commune of Piacenza and with the participation of regional organisations and institutions.


After the process that lasted the whole of 2021, the YOUZ youths drafted a decalogue of ideas and proposals that the Region committed to achieving by the end of their mandate, by implementing a regional law promoting youth policies. Many proposals are reminiscent of points listed in the StartNet Youth Manifesto, showing that the issue of the school-work transition is felt in a similar way in different regions of Italy. By confronting this reality and integrating our experiences, the StartNet network and the youngsters of StartNet Youth want to build a more effective and impactful alternative for guiding young boys and girls in southern Italy.