What is the future of education in times of artificial intelligence? How to prevent early school leaving and provide opportunities to learn and work for all young people?

These were some of the key questions on the agenda of the Union of Baltic Cities (UBC) Educational Conference hosted by the City of Turku (Finland) on 20 September. StartNet was presenting its network activities and good practices in panels and workshops, such as the Arbeiterkammer Upper Austria, joined by Scoala de Valori (Romania) and ALFA Liguria (Italy).

Although there are a number of challenges for educational systems to leave no one behind and truly prepare young people for life and work in the future, technologies can play a key role to innovate and personalise learning. The widespread awareness and existing good practices present at the conference give a message of hope.

On the following day, the group of education experts, stakeholders and teachers visited the training boat and hostel Bore, the vocational Machine Technology Centre and the Syvälahti primary school in Turku. They are a testimony of innovative basic education in Finland and a strong vocational sector closely intertwined with the regional economy.