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Or.Co. Orientation and Guidance

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  • Data di pubblicazione: 10/11/2018


Or.Co. digitsys – Orientamento Consapevole e sistemico al tempo digitale (Conscious and Systemic Career Guidance in the Digital Age) is a multi-regional project selected and funded with €1.4mln from Con i Bambini with the New Generations tender as part of the Fund for the tackling of educational poverty of children. The four year project runs up until 2023. The responsible party is the Consorzio Nazionale NOVA per l'Innovazione Sociale.

The project introduces empowerment programmes, together with schools, families, local civil society and businesses, with a specific focus on young people between the ages of 9-14 years of age at risk of dropping out of school. It takes place both in and outside of the school environment in Basilicata and Apulia and makes use of individualised approaches that combine informational, educational, psychosocial and community aspects as well as networking.

Or.Co. Is up and running in the five provinces of Matera, Potenza, Lecce, Taranto and Bari.

Covid-19 has forced a reshaping of the local activities, giving rise to several new services in the area, which are designed as free, public services but at the same time alternative, innovative and multimedia based in nature.

OrCoRadio - the #InDubbio format

https://www.start-net.org/sites/start-net.org/files/users/user129/medium_logo_orco_radio_helpdesk_bozza4-02.jpgOrCoRadio is a webradio service that addresses pre-teen and teenage issues and its first format #InDubbio is aimed at parents and professionals in the field. OrCoRadio podcasts interviews of experts on topics such as emotional education, the use of social media, sexuality, addictions, hikikomori and career guidance (podcast available on Spreaker). A guide for parents of teenagers has been created on these topics and will be online from end of May 2021.

SPAF - Family Support Service

SPAFhttps://www.start-net.org/sites/start-net.org/files/users/user129/medium_logospaf.jpg is a free online psychological support service for families. You can find the virtual helpdesk on Facebook, which provides information and support for parents in a number of different ways. From Tuesday to Saturday, there are two psychologists online each day contactable via e-mail or Messenger to schedule personal, confidential meetings. The page also regularly publishes information, tips and advice on everything that comes along with parenting. Through online meetings and webinars, an exchange has also been created with parents on various topics including emotions faced during the COVID period. SPAF arose from the need to create a supportive community for the well-being of children, parents and families as a whole, making use of new technologies, digital and everyday work platforms and direct contact in local areas. Find out how SPAF works.

The Centre for Educational Services (CSE)

Located in the province of Lecce in Apulia, the Centre for Educational Services (CSE) is a hub where all of the projects and educational proposals offered by the local area can come together under one roof. It is an "operational" centre where organisations can come together and form new partnerships and projects to combat educational poverty, offering new opportunities in the area and creating a cohesive group of organisations that think and act together to improve the socio-cultural inclusion of children and teenagers. Webinars on relevant topics are also planned.

About Or. Co. digitsys

Or.Co. activities take place in schools and in the local area. Some of the initiatives, including the majority of classroom activities, aim at developing awareness, self-esteem and relational skills of children and teenagers who are growing up in areas with high school drop-out rates, creating educational career guidance opportunities.

A second set of initiatives focuses on local areas, with the aim of strengthening educational communities, not only supportive communities for children but also for parents and families, by building a network of associations, schools, companies and local authorities, and launching initiatives such as events, training courses, parental support, one-to-one assistance and workshops. The overall goal is to combat the phenomenon of educational poverty and to overcome barriers young people face in learning, experimenting, developing and allowing their abilities, talents and ambitions to flourish freely.

The main project initiatives:

  • Research on career guidance systems and exchange of European good practices (during the European workshop in 2019 in Bari)
  • The building of local career guidance and school-work transition networks in the 5 areas, through bringing together existing initiatives to do with the well-being of children and the networking of local players. Creation of the CSE - Centre for Educational Studies. Find out more by scrolling down.
  • The creation of a digital career guidance tool - AppOrienta, the career guidance app for young people aged 14 and over, which is available free of charge in the App Store and on Google Play.
  • Classroom activities with children aged 9-11 (last year of primary school and first year of secondary school) with workshops to promote learning and acquisition of soft skills.
  • Activities for students aged 11-13 at risk of dropping out of school, in particular personalised career guidance, discovering their abilities and getting closer to the labour market.
  • Personalised self-awareness and career guidance programmes for teenagers aged 13-14 at high risk of dropping out of school. Learning activities to strengthen skills, pre-vocational programmes and getting closer to the labour market.
  • Parental support, promotion of families and the education community - in particular by using the online tool and advice of the psychologists of SPAF - the Space for Listening to Families and the podcast #InDubbio from the OrCoRadio webradio service. Help desks are also planned within the project partner schools. Find out more by scrolling down.

You can find the Or.Co. project on Facebook and on the Con i Bambini programmes portal.

The Or.Co. project won the tender from Con i Bambini as part of the Fund for the tackling of educational poverty of children. The fund was created as a result of an agreement between the Fondazioni di origine bancaria represented by Acri, the National Forum of the Third Sector and the Government. It supports initiatives aimed at removing economic, social and cultural barriers that prevent children from making full use of educational programmes. In order to implement the Fund's programmes, the social enterprise Con i Bambini was created in June 2016: a non-profit organisation and wholly-owned subsidiary of the CON IL SUD Foundation.

The coordinating partner is the Consortium NOVA.