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PAFF Parcours for the Future

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PAFF Parcours for the Future


  • Data di pubblicazione: 09/04/2023


Economies and labour markets are rapidly changing and are subject to many debates on a national and European level. Fostered by environmental crises and climate change, the labour market trends are moving towards environmental conservation, sustainability, and climate protection in all fields of work and of economic activities.

One of the targets of the SDG 13 (“Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”) specifically points at improving education, awareness-raising and human capacity on climate change mitigation and impact reduction. At the same time, digitalisation, automation, and artificial intelligence are affecting work with new modes of production, administration, logistics and communication. The complexity of these transformations poses major challenges to global economy and education systems, especially for young people who need to understand the ongoing processes and be aware of the necessary skills and attitudes for the future.

To download project materials and discover more, check-out the PAFF website.

The project’s objectives:

The PAFF project aims to support education stakeholders and thereby young people in understanding and being prepared for future challenges and labour market trends.

The project has two phases:

  1. The knowledge building between experts, education stakeholders and project partners
  2. The creation of the pedagogical parcours for young people in offline and online versions

In the first phase the project consortium aims to collect and exchange knowledge on modes of transformations on sustainability and digitalisation with experts and practitioners from European economies like Italy, Romania, North Macedonia, and Germany. Through meetings, conferences, and research the gathered perspectives are compared with large-scale debates on the European level.

The consortium will disseminate the results in an online conference, with thesis papers and in an e-learning course on the impact of the expected changes in the labour market. This part addresses specifically career guidance actors, practitioners and education stakeholder, all actors responsible for helping young people in their vocational orientation across partner countries.

The second part of the project focuses on using the acquired expertise to create a practical tool for young people. The parcours is an innovative format where young people can explore aspects of working environments in a hands-on and playful method of interactive learning. In a parcours, young people can explore the relevance of future developments for their career choice and their power to drive change.

The parcours is produced in a physical, easy to build version, and as a digital tool. In 2025 it will be tested in the partner countries. An accompanying handbook will enable practitioners to implement it and further develop young people’s awareness on green and digital jobs, as well as on their own life design skills. Overall, the project aims to reach particularly young people, career guidance actors and education stakeholders through exchange, dissemination, and implementation.

The Consortium

PAFF Parcours for the future is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership in vocational education and training, led by the non-profit organisation Life e.V. (Germany), together with Alfa Liguria - Agenzia Regionale per il Lavoro, la Formazione e l’Accreditamento (Italy), ARNO (North Macedonia), GINNlab Goethe-Institut Innovation Lab (Italy), Goethe-Institut (Germany) and Scoala de Valori (Romania). The project started in 2022 and will last until 2025, after which the parcours will be translated in German, Italian, Macedonian and Romanian, and implemented in schools and in educational settings.