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Knowledge Camp Bari

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  • Data di pubblicazione: 10/10/2018


Knowledge Camp StartNet – Network per la Transizione Scuola-Lavoro. Bari, marzo 2018

The capacity-building camp took place in March 2018 at the Officina degli Esordi and the Chamber of Commerce in Bari. Students, teachers, school officials, entrepreneurs, start-up company creators, unions, social cooperatives, the Chamber of Commerce all took part. Together with Guest speakers from Italy and Europe, they discussed and presented five tangible proposals for the education-work transition of youths in Apulia and Basilicata (see below).

I Cantieri

Youth Entrepreneurship and Start-ups

StartNet fosters partnerships with entrepreneurs intervening in school classes and strengthens exchanges between schools and start-ups through events...
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Include and Train young NEET

Attracting young people who are NEET must begin with their own active participation. The Or.Co digitsys project with the social entreprise...
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Partnerships between Schools and Businesses

As the saying goes, “it takes two to tango”, therefore schools have to work in close cooperation with businesses in order for students to benefit...
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Alternanza scuola-lavoro e formazione dei tutor

StartNet projects want to develop comprehensive future-proof skills for lifelong-learning and help each student define objectives to meet during career guidance courses.
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Comprehensive career guidance from primary school to job placement

StartNet aims at offering training programmes for teachers and tutors and at creating teams...
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