The website of Parcours for the Future (PAFF) is now online. PAFF is an Erasmus+ project that raises awareness among students and teachers about the green and digital professions of the future, providing them in an experiential way with the skills they need to face these challenges and understand the opportunities of the green labour market.

In the EU, employers have increased green job hirings since 2019, resulting in sustainability jobs making up three of the top ten fastest growing roles on the Linkedin platform over the last four years, including Sustainability Analysts, Sustainability Specialists, and Sustainability Managers.

Together with experts and partner organisations from Germany, Italy, Romania and North Macedonia, we collected and systematised the most important labour market trends in the fields of green economy, digitalisation and the gender gap in reports for each of the four countries and for the European level. Discover also the publication for teachers and school staff "How to empower young people for a green, digital and gender balanced future" - a compendium of practical resources and insights on how to develop sustainability skills and move towards sustainability professions.