A streamlined, easy-to-read brochure, published by StartNet in Italian and downloadable online, that has been created specifically for secondary school students, parents and teachers to highlight the jobs and skills that will be most in demand in the coming years. The Guide to employment and education is a career guidance tool, much needed also in Apulia where more than 50% of students reveal that they know little about opportunities and job prospects in the region (research data from Building Futures on career guidance at school).

The spread of new technologies, the ageing population, and globalisation have already revolutionized the labour market, which is increasingly demanding continuous training and multiple skills on top of existing vocational skills, with the increase of traditional jobs and the creation of new professions in Apulia as well. For example, people services (which, following official categories, include assistance services, playgroups, as well as beauticians etc.) have seen surprising growth in demand of 12% in Apulia and 32% in Italy. Also notable, the expected boom of the green economy, the name given to sectors that aim to reduce the environmental impact of the economy. Professions such as energy management experts, ecological equipment installers and sustainable tourism operators will all be highly required in the next years.

With its 12 pages of infographics, fact sheets and tips, the guide gives an insight into the diversity of professions, but also into employment developments in general. Download it for free here.

The data used is based on UnionCamere's Excelsior information system, which has published forecasts of professional and educational requirements in Italy (for the period 2018-2023) and Apulia (for 2019-2020), as well as other sources. Suggestions and quotes from young, local entrepreneurs from different job sectors complete the picture by sharing their life experience.

Created as one of the tools of Building Futures, the guide will be distributed as a printed version in all the schools that have participated in StartNet projects in the Apulian region.