On 20th-21st March, StartNet officially joined EAfA (European Alliance for Apprenticeship), a body set up by the European Commission to promote and develop apprenticeship and vocational training across Europe. The alliance brings together governments and key players from education and business.

It is a platform for European dialogue on the subject of apprenticeship and in particular the mobility of young people in vocational training. According to the latest statistics, after an increase in 2016, apprenticeship in Italy has again stalled at the levels of 2013 as a training choice for young people and companies and has not yet taken root as a real career opportunity (especially when compared to other national environments in Europe). By joining the EAfA, StartNet is bridging the gap between the European reality of apprenticeship and Italian vocational training, particularly in Apulia.

During the Conference on Apprenticeship Mobility, emphasis was placed on the importance of exchange programmes and on the mobility of young people in training. StartNet will also participate in the next meeting in Prague in May, which will focus on the transition from education to work as well as the role of the Chambers of Commerce.