The publication COMMUNITY AND YOUTH PARTICIPATION: promoting, maintaining and making sustainable the StartNet-Network school-to-work transition youth protagonism is now online. A volume that stems from the request by various stakeholders to describe the StartNet Youth pathway and provide a toolbox of practical tools, methodologies and advice, based on the experience of more than two years. StartNet has in fact started since 2021 a process of involving young people in the governance of the network. A process of constant construction, growth and facilitation of a youth community, which now counts 80 members and has reached over 300 young people all over Italy.

The publication is designed for all those who want to promote, initiate, and support the protagonism of young people. It is in fact a useful document to develop youth protagonism, with tools and concrete examples of involvement. The publication enjoys the endorsement of AIG Agenzia Italiana per la Gioventù (Italy's Youth Agency), has within it contributions on good practices of youth policies of the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Apulia Region, as well as bottom-up experiences initiated by young men and women across Italy. The authors also present the Italian legal framework and the European Union's recommendations for youth participation.

Download COMMUNITY E PARTECIPAZIONE GIOVANILE: promuovere, mantenere e rendere sostenibile il protagonismo dei giovani. (Italian)