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Road to Porto: Delivering Social Rights for Young People

Ahead of the European Social Summit in Porto, StartNet and CESI Youth hosted an online event on “Delivering Social Rights to Young People”. Read more

StartNet at the European Social Economy Summit

Social economy for sustainable education and #TransitionToWork of young people Read more

Skills for Life Erasmus+ project kick-off

On 19 November, the Skills for Life project has officially been launched. Read more

EU Regions Week: Cohesion 2.0 - innovation through education and employment

How can we improve cohesion in Europe by learning from inspiring, regional practices in the fields of education and #TransitionToWork? Read more

StartNet-Conference - A Bridge to Jobs - how to support young people’s #TransitionToWork since COVID-19?

Youth unemployment in Europe is rising again, while young people’s smooth transition into a first job is essential for their careers and lives. Read more

Preventing a Lost Generation 2.0: European Online Conference

Will youth unemployment rise sharply in Europe due to the coronavirus health crisis? How can the European Union prevent this? Read more


StartNet Manual

Download StartNet’s guidelines on how to build a multistakeholder network and an European dialogue for young people’s transition from school to work with the Collective Impact method.

  Download PDF

The Orientation Toolkit

Discover our career guidance and orientation projects! An all-rounder toolkit for children and young people of primary and secondary schools, for parents, teachers, and company personnel.

StartNet Italia

How can we empower young people in Southern Italy, specifically Apulia and Basilicata, to successfully enter the labour market? StartNet is a multistakeholder network that brings together schools, institutions, businesses, youth organisations, and civil society to support the transition from school to work and to promote equal access to working life for young men and women.


StartNet Europe

StartNet Europe is a network connecting initiatives all across Europe that empower young people on their personal and professional paths towards a successful transition to work. The aim is to exchange good practices, to promote capacity-building, to learn how to overcome common challenges and to support collective goals and interests.


Projects and Activities

A network works best when partners have diverse strengths, when there is close collaboration and above all, when they commit to achieve quality results. StartNet partners jointly develop and implement projects in Apulia and Basilicata and on a European level for young people’s transition from school to work.